Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some small success....

Well I ordered a bunch of miniature models from a local distributor. There was a sale taking place and I was able to bypass the shipping charge by doing a local pickup. SWEET!!!! So of course I bought much more than was required...I now love miniature gaming models right?!?!

So I went and got my new models...what the f$@#$ these are the smallest most complicated little things I have ever seen in my life. WOW...I looked at them all and then put them on my desk to sit while I pondered how I would ever get my money back!

I came to the conclusion that I was not going to get my money back so I set about researching just how exactly to paint these so this little investment would not look like a piece of crap! As a side note, this is why I like Collectible Card painting and the good cards just go up in value and all you have to do is put them in a sleeve :)

Getting back to those intricate little beasties that are my new models...I dragged my wife all over the place to get some accessories that I thought would be necessary...of all the stuff that I bought I would highly recommend the following:
  • A weighted set of alligator clip hands (Purchased at Source by Circuit City for $16.99 CAD)
  • A plastic mixing tray of some sort (Purchased at Michaels for $0.99 CAD)
  • A very good quality set of paint brushes, including the smallest one you can find...even if you think it is too small it is probably not in the long run. (I actually got my brushes as a promo item from the distributor that I purchased from and it turns out they are some of the best quality you can buy. I forget the name but look for white tip on the end of the brush and white tip on the end of the brush handle)
  • A good art knife to trim some of the casting imperfections off the model.
  • A set of files to even out the imperfections and file down the lug that forms the base of the model itself. (I bought a set at my local Home Depot for $3.98 CAD)
  • A good super glue. (I bought the loc-tite super glue at Home Depot for about $10 CAD...I have used it before and it rocks...just DO NOT get your fingers glued together!!!! You think I am kidding but I am really not...
  • Finally get a Latex doesn't tell you to do that in the instructions but if you are going to devote enough time to work on these little models than why not get a coating on them that will make them look great and protect the paint job??? Seems like common sense to me....
Well that is it for today...I will say that I am very pleased with how the first 2 Models turned out. I will post a description of painting them along with some pics on the next post.

Stay tuned....

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