Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Jack of Hell Trades...

Well I know I have been a little remiss in getting updates posted...

As I had previously posted I was going to Utah to do a presentation...well due to a colossal fuck up of weather in Chicago and lack of flights to Salt Lake City I ended up sitting in the Buffalo airport for 6 hours and then going trip to Utah. In the end it did not bother me that much because I don't like flying. So...I did my presentation over the phone which was really weird because I like doing presentations and that personal touch was missing.

In any event, I put my new found time at home to good use and worked on my Helljack...although not complete I am really happy about how it is turning out. I bought a new brush specifically recommended to me for Dry Brushing and let me tell ya...its great. On top of it I am becoming more comfortable with that teeny tiny little detail are some pics!!

I also have purchased some ink washes but I have learned my lessons...
  1. get all the base coats done.
  2. Then do the highlighting and color adjustments.
  3. Then fix all the little mistakes you made in step 2
  4. Then review the whole thing very very very thoroughly
  5. Then ink wash
  6. Then clear coat
As Segrig pointed out I am still a "newbie" to this whole model thing but that is the point isn't it...I share my mistakes and lessons learned so other generations of newbies can learn from it.

As Segrig has mentioned we are off to Wilbur's cottage tomorrow and for the weekend...gonna be a couple of days of rain YAY!! that means lots of board games and my wife cannot tell me to go outside and play with the kids...hahahaha sucker!

Will post pics and game reviews when we get back

Happy gaming everyone!!!

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  1. to be fair, im a newbie as well... i dont think ill be winning any awards any time soon. im picking will up soon...