Monday, August 10, 2009

forward progress.

today i managed to find an old digital camera to start taking pics and documenting some of the stuff i (we) get up to. ...and when i say "i found", i mean i delegated my girlfriend to do it. and the charger. :)


i made a little bit of progress on my heavy warjack the Ironclad. im just gonna keep chipping away at him. i believe i will use the aforementioned camera to document some of that process.


our long awaited trip up north to our good friend Wilbur's cottage with the whole cast and crew is quickly approaching. at this time i would like to make formal and public information of my challenge to Xevious:

The completed painting of our Warmachine battlebox models for our first battle royale.

we are going to try to smash out a couple of games up north and i am really looking forward to it. having nicely painted models will make it that much sweeter. it will also make our first attempt of documenting a game of warmachine look nice.

i would imagine that everyone at the camp will play several other games aswell. we can do some entries with that as well. a little variety to our posts? not bad!
could be some memoir 44, perhaps settlers of catan, maybe even citadels! who knows?!
im also looking forward to making an entry about liar's dice, a great game that only requires 5 dice and a box of lies.


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