Wednesday, September 8, 2010

swampy pond

so i finally made a terrain piece with water. its been on my list of things to do for a while and i was perusing an art store and came across a kit for making watery dioramas. i figured if i bought it ($13 or so) i would use it. and i did. so i decided on a murky pond or swamp and decided to check around the net to see what other people had done. i came across the blog of a guy named Gareson. he has a lot of good content and had put up a tutorial for making a swamp (among other things). i used a couple different materials than he did, but essentially stayed pretty close. i used pink insulation board and a sharp knife to cut out the banks of the pond, a couple of sticks for logs, and paperclips and green stuff to make cat tails, and green stuff to make lily pads. i added sand to the banks, painted 'er all up, let it dry, added the water effect followed by the lily pads, and after the water was dry i added the static grass to the banks.

in the end i learned a couple of things. 1) water effects take a really long time to dry.
2) i need to sand down my pink foam after shaping it because the edges dont get rid of themselves...
3) i need to find a better product to make water, because the diorama stuff cracked in a couple of places while it was drying.

All in all im pretty happy with the effect and intend to make more watery terrain pieces. hopefully bigger, better, and cooler ones. until next time, dont forget the gun mage captain is looking for you, and he'll gitcha. Happy gaming!