Wednesday, August 19, 2009

just as an update....

we leave for our little vacation tomorrow, and everyone involved is very excited. is predicting some rain, but that is all the more reason to play board games! (even though that wont keep us out of the lake anyways...) we are going to leave really early to maximize our time. hopefully it is not SO early that Xevs wont be able to read over the warmachine rulebook in my car. im not super familiar with the rules and we will hopefully be able to make a post about the learning process and how easy/difficult the game is to learn/play.


i would like to announce that i managed to complete my own challenge: completed painting of my battlebox. (cygnar for life.)

i know Xevs was unable to do so, and i totally understand. afterall he has a lot more distractions at home and i have been off work for a week. i figured that if i was willing to issue the challenge i should put my money where my mouth is. it also kept me motivated to finish. (as my was original intention of the challenge and starting a blog) i'm also hoping that seeing my finished models will give Xevious a little motivation as well.


wish us luck!


  1. I have 3 of 5 models completed and have made some progress on my Helljack...but it has been slow going because I am still in the learning/experimenting phase of painting...although I must say "Congratulations" to Segrig for getting it done.

  2. also, its a well documented fact that painted models perform better than unpainted models. so, fuck you.