Wednesday, December 15, 2010

follow up


i played a couple games today at a  friends place. two 15 point matchups against khador, the second of which was conceded pretty quickly when Siege and Co. set up shop and started blasting everything away. here is a picture of the end of the first game when the defender landed his hammer into sorcha to do that final point of damage. it ended up being a little too close for comfort, but it worked out.

i also managed to get a little bit of work done on my 'jack workshop. mostly just some shaping and patterning. i hollowed out the top of it too. i think its going to look pretty cool. i may put a little bit of paint on the chimney next or start working on the rest of the building. time will tell.

Friday, December 10, 2010

tangerine workshop

in between my pre-party chores today i managed to get a start on my structure. its just a "maroc" tangerine box. i pulled all the staples out of it, shortened the corner pieces, and shortened the length of it a little. Other than those little adjustments it was almost like a pre-made terrain piece. i made a roof out of cardboard which was also really easy to do. just at the end i glued two scrap pieces of styrofoam together that i will make a chimney out of.

i have a scheme of what i want the finished product to look like in my head. i made a couple simple sketches at work the other night aswell. im going for the 'jack repair shop on the outskirts of town motif. im going to try to make this one pretty cool.

heres a couple of pics i snapped with my iphone:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughts from my brain

I haven't done any painting since my last update. The wifey and I are having a party this weekend an I've been tidying up the laboratory (spare bedroom) for guests to stay in.

I was just about to throw a tangerine box in the fireplace when I thought I could very easily convert it into a large structure for terrain. I opened up my list of warmachine things to do and slipped in into place.

As I browsed down the list there was a couple of ideas I have saved for a rainy day. One was to start taking pictures of my completed models for easy updates. The other was a railroad terrain project, which sounds like a really fun idea. I would want to make a small station, a track along the board, and let the train move a couple of inches each turn. Or not at all.

Monday, December 6, 2010

if you click them, they will grow.

good news: nearly finished the knights
bad news: wifey took the camera (ie: no pictures of the steps.)
bad knews: one of my horses broke a leg
good news: i ficksed it.
bad news: his arm broke
good news: fixed that too.
bad news: there is still much to do
good news: i'll get around to it.

heres some pictures.

the sword knights still need some highlights and their spare swords, and the storm lance will need plenty of touching up. the leg that was broken needs to get de-uglied, and i managed to rub some paint off in spots during the repair process.

i used the sword knights the other knight in their current state, and was relatively happy with them. i have vowed to myself (and them) that i will learn the right spot for them in my force and make them a force to be reckoned with.

i tried to fish the horse with 5-min epoxy alone but that didnt work. i tried to fix him by drilling a bit and filling it with super glue and green stuff but that didnt work. finally i drilled deeper (in the TINY horses leg) and filled it with a rod and epoxy, which worked. in the end fixing him ended up being a pain in the ass and i lost the ambition to make a joke about horses with broken legs and glue factories. oh well, im sure you can figure something out.

until next time,

viva las vegas! errr.... HAPPY GAMING!