Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday night madness.

Step right up! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
anyways... im on night shift tonight. last night Sweet Pete and myself had a battle. i took a picture each round with the idea that i would spend any downtime i had tonight making a BatRep. i took the pics with my iphone, so they arent the best quality, but hey its better than nothing right?

my lady friend decided to head to a friends place to watch the finale of the bachelorette (thank goodness), so i immediately called PJ and we decided to have a war. now since we adopted the MKII rules i have only ever played 15pt. match ups and multiplayer arena style, so this is a nice step. I came up with a fun list, a variant on my Siege strike force, that featured some guns 'a' blazin', 3 'jacks, 3 solos and some quick movin horses. Pete came with a horde of infantry that are all packin' heat, 1 'jack, 3 wracks, and the Priestess of the Flame runnin' the show. Model count: Cygnar = 10. Protectorate = 36. at this point i am bracing for an uphill battle. I win the dice roll and deploy first. we take the hills on opposite corners.

Turn 1

i make a bee line for the enemy. hunter runs up into the forest, siege drops a foxhole for the other jacks to hide in, the horses run to go around the small forest.

Pj advances everyone, his deliverers take the hill (where they stood and fired all game(with a 14" range why not?)) and lobb rockets at the concealed hunter with minimal effect.

Turn 2.

I pretty much accomplish nothing. i advance and am only in range with the hunter who fails to kill anything. i double back across with my cavalry.

pete fires again with the rockets and puts a small dent into the hunter. the deviations have minimal effect due to the safety of the foxhole. the exemplars advance and pull a trick to negate my foxhole and put a decent ding into charger. his grenade wheeling zealots make a run for my front line and pop a mini feat making them indestructable for one turn. Siege is feeling the heat.

Turn 3. (bad picture/pivotal turn)

Faced with mounting pressure and overwhemling numbers Siege must act quickly. he sends orders to the ironclad who then crashes into the zealots. the attempt at trampling has no effect due to the mini-feat, but when the ironclad slams his hammer to the ground they know he is there and many fall to the ground. Siege lets loose with his ground pound attack on the exemplar, who are then zapped from the other side by the cavalry's lightning sticks. they take heavy casualties.

The zealots begin to pick themselves up. one tries to escape the ironclad and has his brain mashed up in the process. those not engaged hurl grenados at the cavalry, who with the aid of an arcane shield manage to survive...if just barely. the deliverers deliver concentrated fire on the charger who takes heavy damage and loses his hammer arm. the Priestess not pleased with what she is seeing draws ample power from the wracks and sets her sights on the ironclad. She demonstates her power in a feat of strength. in the blink of an eye the once mighty ironclad is reduced to rubble by a few swift strikes. without pausing the Priestess' feat erupts and fire rains down on her enemies.

Turn 4

The Cygnar troops are feeling the heat. literally. they are all on fire. everyone but siege takes damage. the gun mage captain and the goblin speculator are instantly turned to ash. Siege knows he must strike while the iron is hot, he must lay it all out of the table. Protectorate troops feel as though their armor is shrinking under Siege's powerful gaze. He side steps, aims, and fires a single powerful round straight at the Priestess. Her loyal devout 'jack throws himself in harms way and takes the bullet. the hunter mows down a line of sight for the charger who then takes aim and fires a single shot at the Priestess. She takes heavy damage but is still standing. The cavalry, who now have a clear path, charge the enemy caster and two of them have enough gas to get there and get the job done.

all in all i would say we had a pretty decent battle and learned plenty about our forces. i am reinvigorated to paint and play warmachine as well as update the blog. hopefully ill be able to post again soon. until next time: HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE!