Sunday, August 16, 2009

game summary

so my buddy pete came over the other day and we played a quick 500pt game of warhammer 40k. i played eldar and pete used tau.

pete won first turn and setup on the hill with his fire warriors and crisis suit behind. i placed my guardians in the trenches with the scatter laser platform wide right in hopes it could take 36" pot shots around the rocks at the hill. i put my farseer and jetbikes behind the armour of the wave serpent. even though the wave serpent is the softest and cheapest tank in my arsenal i felt kind of guilty fitting it in there since petes HQ the crisis suit was the only model that could damage it. after i placed everything pete used the infiltrator rule to sneak his stealth suits in behind the rock. both the stealth suits and the crisis suit have jump packs enabling them to move 6" in the assault phase, so it was pretty clear pete was planning on jumping in and out from behind the rock to pester me.

game on.

oddly enough i decided to try to steal the initiative and won, by rolling a 6 and stealing first turn....there is a first for everything. after the buzz of winning that wore off i realized that i had deployed in a great position and first turn wouldnt really net me anything special. (unlike the last game we played, pete stole the initiative and wiped my two best and most expensive units off the board and i had no hope of recovering...) so i advanced a little bit with everything, still hiding the bikes behind the serpent, strung my guardians out a little further and took 8 shots between the two scatter lasers killing 3 or 4 fire warriors.
pete retaliated by moving his fire warriors to the front of the hill, jumping the stealth suits out and back, and doing the same with the crisis suit. the damage however was minor with one dead jetbike and the crew of the wave serpent shaken up and unable to shoot next turn...which could have been much worse.

Turn 2
with the crew shaken i decided it best to just back up to the edge and stay out of range. the farseer and jetbikes zoomed as close as they could to try to pop the stealth suits and the guardians stayed put. only two of the bikes could see enough of the stealth suits to shoot but managed to kill one. they moved in the assault phase to behind the rock as i was pretty sure i couldnt get them into combat. the guardians were unable to see the same squad but took out 1 or 2 from the other.
pete still struggling to get the fire warriors into range kept moving them forward. i cant remember if it was them or the crisis suit that killed a guardian. the stealth suits, jumped out and plugged another jetbike. knowing they would be assaulted next turn, they charged....and lost, but only by one and remained locked in combat.

Turn 3
not wanting to risk anything, i had the guardians run up to join the combat. a couple more fire warriors dropped with the rest running for their lives under the hail of wave serpent starcannon fire. the stealth suits crumpled, with my bikes and guardians rallying behind the cover of the rock.
with all my troops out of range or out of sight, pete essentially did nothing but watch his fleeing warriors run off the table.

Turn 4
on this turn you can see my girlfriends skull slipper signalling the end for pete. i pelted the last of the remaining fire warriors and left myself in good position to make a run at the crisis suit. pete scooped knowing he would be unable to survive and wanted the crisis suit to return any and all data of this loss to the mothership for future calculations.

In the end i think the tsn turning point was being able to gang up on the stealth suits. pete sort of left them out for the dogs and they got beat down, leaving me in a great position with minimal casualties. that and the fact that i brought a tank.....haha
all in all it was a good game and one of my few victories against that wiley greek bastard.

until next time.


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  2. yes, i am aware that many of my models need to be finished. blaaaah.