Thursday, August 6, 2009

Model Envy!

Went to the tattoo shop today which is in Toronto....My brother asked me to bring down the models I had recently completed (yes...I know there are some gaps in the posts...will try to rectify) and so I did.

I was, and still am, pretty proud of the way the first 2 turned out...however when my brother arrived and whipped out the 2 he had completed....let's just say mine looked sorta crappy!!! Not horrible mind you...

Anyhoo...the challenge is on...I spent an hour tonight working on just 2 panels on my latest little model...I need to work on my colour mixing and shading/highlighting. competitive...can't wait to field test these babies!! That will be one heck of a post...

PS: I have been really happy with my tattoo artist for some years now! He has his own shop that has been open in downtown Toronto for almost 2 years now. The name of the place is Imperial Tattoos ( located on Ossington just North of Queen in Toronto, so if you are considering getting a tattoo and want the best quality.... go and see anyone of the guys at this place...very friendly and a talented bunch of artists!

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