Monday, February 1, 2010

slow and ponderous

its been a while for me. im glad to see xevs making posts again, as it creates some inspiration to get my own work going. i managed to peel away from my girlfriend yesterday and get some work done. i know it to be fact, but all i really need is 10-30 minute increments to keep making progress. its easy to complacent. Anyways, i managed to get a model painted up. nothing special, and it still needs basing, but progress none the less. one less model to be painted.

lately ive been playing settlers of catan for the iphone with my girlfriend. its a lot of fun and has also led us to play settlers on catan on the table a couple times with our friend William. i'm quite pleased to find that she likes board games. warmachine and the like may be a little much for her, but i recently got her to play 2 games of memoir 44!!!!! thats some REAL progress.

games weekend: if we are to play some warmachine, we need to decide on the size of confrontation, and the rule set we will use. i do have the mkII rulebook in transit to my house. i was just talking to PJ and he was leaning towards mkI (there is always resistance to change.) we do need to change eventually, and the updated rules are likely to be better, however the old rules are the ones we already know.

food for thought.