Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zen and the Art of Highlights/Shading - The Conclusion

Well it certainly has been ages since this blog was updated. I discovered that painting an entire unit of miniatures can be very monotonous, repetitive and boring. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed doing the different highlights and details, plus moving through the different colours and shades but after doing the same bit 7 or 8 times it was enough already....and this is a small unit in comparison to what some other gamers do...crikey!!

So the urge to just get these little beasties done plus the holidays cut down on my posting. However it is the new year after all and I decided to pick up the brushes anew...and boy and am I glad I did. I just today finished my unit of Bile Thralls...they are painted (but not based, like my other models) as much as they are going to be and battle ready.

When you see the pics bear in mind that there are probably details that I could have done more of or better but basically I am sick of painting them...and this is my first time doing this level of detail and color mixing/blending...I am really really pleased with the end result. Again the 10 Megapixel camera is great at highlighting deficiencies.. ...

Well without further blathering here is my battle ready Bile if I could only get around to basing them ...

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