Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holy Water Retention!!!

Now this is one monster that put on waaaay too much weight over the holidays!!!

This is going to be a brief post, I just wanted to capture some shots of my latest model project.

So let me introduce the Bloat Thrall...yes continuing the Thrall theme!! This was one of the first models I got. After doing some research it isn't really the best of units from a competitive point of view but probably a lot of fun to throw into the casual games. However because he probably won't get used all the time, and basically because I have way cooler models coming up, I decide to experiment on this guy as well.

He is this huge bloated zombie like Thrall...and the model is pretty big in comparison to the others as well. One of the problems with this model is that a lot of the joins had huge gaps. So the other day I glued the 2 parts of his upper body together and was not happy with those major gaps (in one instance a hose didn't even join up to the hose attachment on the other side which looked completely shitty).

So today, anxious to move on from the Biles, I used some Mighty Putty to fill in those gaps and sculpt some "bloat rolls" over that hose that did not match up to the coupling. Again, this is my first time doing this so not sure how the finished product is going to look...but hey why not?

Normally gamers would use green stuff or some other clay like epoxy that is specifically marketed to miniatures to do this kind of work. I bought Mighty Putty because it is way cheaper and I am part Scots...need I say more? I would say the only complaint I have with the Mighty Putty is that it sets really fast, you literally have something like 5 minutes before it is too hard to shape. I would guess that is because its main application is actually bonding things as opposed to filling in holes or modeling. On the plus side because it hardens so fast you are ready to go that much sooner...with a little planning and only kneading together small amounts I had no problem accomplishing my goals with minimal wastage.

I have never used the other products so can't really given an honest comparison...maybe in the near future I will get some and post a comparison of both products...and as it turns out I lied, this isn't a short post at all...haha is the fat little bugger...


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