Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enter the Bloat

So in my last post about this massive terror of a Thrall I posted some pics where I had sculpted in some holes and deficiencies when the model was put together.

I am really happy with the end result, I am going to post a bunch of pics of the finished Bloat Thrall and some zoomed in pics of the areas that I had specifically fixed with the Mighty Putty. I think that I upped my game in the highlighting, shading and overall detail category for this guy. Not to mention it went pretty quickly this time. Overall I really enjoyed painting this one and I have a feeling that is because I able to get the level of detail to where I really like it.

Again the camera is likely to make it look like a piece of crap but oh looks really good in its actual miniature version.

I am guessing that my next project will be the 2 Pistol Wraiths that I have...Yeah no more Thralls for a while!!!

Stay tuned...

Well my apologies...the zoomed in shots of the sculpted areas are all out of focus GRRR I put the best one was also the most major repair because I had to sculpt a fat roll over a Tube and Fitting that didn't match up at all. I am too lazy to get more pictures plus I am hungry and supper is maybe tomorrow I will put in a new post with better zoomed in shots.

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