Friday, October 16, 2009

Zen and the Art of Highlights/Shading Part II I did the original shading before supper...then everyone went to bed...I got bored and thought "Let's take a stab at Step 2 of the process".

What is step 2 you might ask? Well, if you remember from the previous post, when doing the shading we were only roughing in the dark spots so it looked nice but sort of clunky. The next step, according to the fine individual from the Painting Clinic, is to make a glaze (watered down paint essentially) that is the same as your base coat and then smooth in the shading to the base coat while at the same time sharpening the spots that you want shaded.

So I tried it...I haven't looked at the pics for comparison but on this picture I have tried to blend in the dark green body shading and the bone shading....the desired effect is that these look more seamless against the base coat and end up being the final definition of what will be shaded...without further adieu...I will post the new picture...because of blog space constraints I am only publishing the updated pic or else I would post all 3 for easy comparisons...if this feels cheap to you please feel free to click the "Complaint Box" link on the left side of the blog and let me know...if I get enough complaints I will post them all again in this post.

Well I just compared the pics and I can see a difference...however I might be a little post will be Part III where we start to add the first layer of highlighting to contrast against our shading...I'm so excited and disappointed at being a nerd at the same

Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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