Monday, October 5, 2009

350 mangled metal

so as Xev already knows i took part in a 350pt warmachine mangled metal tounament yesterday. its was good, simple, one warcaster and as many warbeasts/warjacks as you can fit into 350pts.


i got owned in the face.

well not completely, but basically. there were a couple of matches that were really close, but i ultimately lost them. i think that my problems all boil down to one thing: experience.
1) i was/am not familiar with many armies and faced only armies ive never faced before. this includes hordes forces, and the whole focus mechanic from hordes is unfamiliar to me....whatever i knew that would happen, thats cool.
2) my first reflection of my gameplay made me think i hadnt come with an optimal list, but now that i think about it a little bit more i think that i could have done some things differently and played what i had a little better. this is again an experience thing.

after all is said and done i feel a little exhausted from warmachine, but ill get back up on my horse soon enough. maybe even tomorrow with pete.

im not going to proof read this post, so fuck all yall.

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