Wednesday, October 7, 2009

fresh blood.

look at the blood that was spilled when i played a 400 point battle vs pete! no, its not a zit. i bent down to check line of sight from my gun mage captain and i got speared by a pointy ass pine tree he was standing near! owww!!!

we managed to play out 2 400 point games and im starting to feel more comfortable with my warcasters, especially siege. i can understand some of his little tricks a little better and have managed to pull them out a couple times. doing this has made me understand a little bit more about stryker and how i could perhaps use him better.

i have a shit ton of painting to do. should i post more pics of stuff as a get it done? perhaps when i get some work done on my TOP SECRET and MYSTERIOUS models?
should i look to make a battle report/ game analysis post?

we have one subscriber, perhaps that gourmand has a preference? (this is a test, to see if youre reading! HA!)

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