Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thoughts from my brain

I haven't done any painting since my last update. The wifey and I are having a party this weekend an I've been tidying up the laboratory (spare bedroom) for guests to stay in.

I was just about to throw a tangerine box in the fireplace when I thought I could very easily convert it into a large structure for terrain. I opened up my list of warmachine things to do and slipped in into place.

As I browsed down the list there was a couple of ideas I have saved for a rainy day. One was to start taking pictures of my completed models for easy updates. The other was a railroad terrain project, which sounds like a really fun idea. I would want to make a small station, a track along the board, and let the train move a couple of inches each turn. Or not at all.

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  1. i posted this update from my phone via mail to blogger. cool.