Friday, December 10, 2010

tangerine workshop

in between my pre-party chores today i managed to get a start on my structure. its just a "maroc" tangerine box. i pulled all the staples out of it, shortened the corner pieces, and shortened the length of it a little. Other than those little adjustments it was almost like a pre-made terrain piece. i made a roof out of cardboard which was also really easy to do. just at the end i glued two scrap pieces of styrofoam together that i will make a chimney out of.

i have a scheme of what i want the finished product to look like in my head. i made a couple simple sketches at work the other night aswell. im going for the 'jack repair shop on the outskirts of town motif. im going to try to make this one pretty cool.

heres a couple of pics i snapped with my iphone:

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