Saturday, September 12, 2009

just a little bit

i find that when i have a new model to paint, especially when its a model that i have had on my list of things to do for a while, that i am hesitant to start it. not because i dont want to, but because it can feel a little overwhelming. not as though im gonna have a panic attack, but that i feel like it is going to be so much work that i want to put it off.

this happened to me today and i just decided i would paint a little bit before i went to work. just a little...i painted the pants of one of my solos. chippin away at it you know? ill probably be putting finishing highlights on it before i know it!


i put an advert on craigslist like a month ago in the wanted section saying that i wanted warmachine models, preferrably cygnar. lo' and behold i got a couple responses and ive picked up a bunch of stuff for wicked cheap. buddy bought this stuff that he never got around to painting/using and just wanted to get rid of it, and i raked it in for about 45-50% of retail price! its a deal, its a steal, its the sale fo the fucken century!

in other news,

i went to a games store that hosts game nights for all sorts of games, magic the gathering, warhammer, et cetera, and WARMACHINE AND HORDES! it was the warmachine game night and i saw a bunch of action. i did bring my battlegroup, but i didnt play any games. i was more interested in observing the play (seeing if ive been doing things right) and observing the players. although my crack team of scientists are still crunching the numbers, carrying the remainders and whatnot, im pretty sure that i will go back.

and then...

sweet pete and i also played a game together the other night and he seems to be pleased with the gameplay. so much so that he has buckled down and tackled the painting of his heavy 'jack, which he thinks will be completed in the next couple of days!

more updates to come!

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  1. Great post...this worked out for me the other day and I ended up starting and painting for about an hour!