Thursday, March 24, 2011

No I am not imaginary nor dead...

Well it has literally months since I made a post on the blog. There has been a number of reasons: work has been pretty crazy, general laziness and got sort of burnt out on the game over the holidays. Not to mention a series of crushing defeats that turned me off playing for a little while.

Anyhoo Segrig went away on vacation to Europe late last year, where he proposed and is now engaged, and I went on a painting binge in order to surprise him when he came back. Well the surprise was that I bought and painted the bulk of a new Hordes Legion of Everblight army. To make a long story short I painted about 25 points worth of Warlock, Beasts and Units in a couple of months...meaning I spent every spare moment painting.

I was pretty happy with the results but generally they are only table top quality and were pretty quick...I will posts pics in a post tomorrow or Saturday.

The purpose of this post is to layout my latest painting project...I acquired a unit of Striders and only really got them partially base coated. Lately I have been more interested in getting back into painting so I was looking at the models and trying to figure out what the final color scheme would be including shading, highlights and accent colors.

I decided I wanted to make the cloak a Forest Green but make the shading and highlights in the Brown and Beige family. Reason being is that they have stealth and they are blighted elves. In alot of the fantasy that I have read there are descriptions of Elven crafted cloaks that provide stealth like abilities and shimmer different colors. Since the Striders are depicted and described as being in the woods I thought that it would be a great challenge to create a "camouflage" forest cloak and if it works out a nice story to tell.

So I decided to fully basecoat one of the models and give it a are of some pics.

Tomorrow and probably Saturday I will put some effort into the initial shading and highlighting...once I am done I will post some after pics...even if it turns out crap may as well document it :)

Will try and post more often...happy gaming.

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  1. welcome back! that strider looks good, i cant wait to see your highlights on it.