Sunday, November 7, 2010

Making a spam and colgate sandwich:

As i have returned from my Eurotrip, I have found myself with motivation to get things painted, and have been quite content with my progress. I have a small contingent of models that are lined up for the dip and they are getting it at a decent pace. tonight i squeaked in 30 minutes before i had to come to work my night shift. Every little bit counts. i'm actually trying out a little bit of a new technique (new to me anyways), but im cataloging that for a future update.

Earlier I was strolling down the painting blog circuit and came across a blog I liked. ( there was a good article about keeping motivation. One idea that appears to be a fundamental is to make sure you keep switching things up. Things like not doing squads and squads of soldiers, but instead breaking it up. rewarding yourself for finishing up a whole squad by moving on to a completely different solo model. a warcaster, a 'jack, a solo, maybe even a model you just like from some other product line. There was one other suggestion in particular that piqued my interest, and that was to "Paint something for a friend’s army in their color scheme.". Which leads me to the POINT of this whole update: I propose Xevious and I swap a model and paint it for each other! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!

Good idea? Good idea. I think it will be a nice break from my normal paint scheme, and it will still be progress towards getting our armies painted.

Also, on a side note...apparently the same core concepts work for writing as well. (setting goals, making projects, mixing it up, and doing it often.) So I would like to try to reinvigorate this blog as well.

As always: HAPPY GAMING!

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  1. Sounds like a neat idea, I am down with that.